Monday, September 22, 2008

Bear on a Bike

Photo of the Yesterday: Bear on a Bike in Midtown. I hope he didn't make that puddle...

Today's novel progress - 1063 words. Sean (I like that spelling better) Lorraine & Grandpa talk while riding home. Skweiz berates Streng in a separate car. I just have to keep writing & not worry about how it's going. Second drafts are for editing.

Yes, I know what they did in Georgia wasn't nice, but do we really need Russia to be a boogeyman again? Is it because we're actually winning the war in Iraq, (though the media is loathe to admit it,) and people are asking why we still need big brother peeking over our shoulders? Isn't it time to, you know, bring all of our $ home to roost & fix our economy?

That's nice that Treasury Secretary Paulson says a $700 billion bail-out "sticks in (his) craw." What sticks in MY craw is that the CEOs of these companies aren't having their assets stripped. What's craw-sticking is that after yet another bail-out, rather than trying to restore us to the supply side of the economic see-saw, the powers that be are pulling out all the stops to keep the never-ending spiral of consumerism going for just a few more years. What's in YOUR wallet?

Off topic - Who came up with the name "Shop Rite"? It sounds like it's making grocery shopping into an occult ceremony.


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