Monday, September 08, 2008

"Heh heh heh... Pipe."

Picture of the Day Before Yesterday: Joe shows off his 1/4 Scottishness with the Local 3 Sword of Light Pipe Band at the (week after) Labor Day Parade in Manhattan.

Novel progress: 1065 words. But as this is the fifth day, I have to say the five thing no longer surprises me. Joe is beginning to see Pilgrim's kind everywhere. I eventually wanted that to be a possible ending, but I'm only halfway through. Joe buys a coffee and argues with a guy behind a counter. (There's been an awful lot of arguing, hasn't there? I don't want my characters to become my soap boxes. Back to Ayn Rand again - or Quentin Tarantino or Kevin Smith for that matter.) Maybe I'll have the counterman argue with a customer & have Joe egg them on. But he should be in the middle of things. Decisions, decisions...

Dear Senator McCain - I apologize for giving Obama advice while ignoring you. You were doing well enough on your own, people really weren't buying the "sidekick not a maverick" crap, and I didn't think you needed my help. But, jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick - why didn't you ask me before going with Sarah Palin? Obviously, you don't get it. Abstinence only sex education, creationism in the science classes, praying to help gays convert to heterosexuality... I don't know why no one explained this to you, but it's pretty damn doubtful that those on the far far right will vote for Senator Obama. It was us sane, undecided people in the middle that you had to woo. Plus, the fact that Palin is young & female just makes her look like a token choice, especially since she's a wingnut. The whole point was, you were supposed to be distancing yourself from those sort of people, not embracing them. Sigh. I'm sorry no one explained this to you- you should have talked to me sooner. Best of luck.


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Caroline said...

He really ought to have consulted you - instead of his campaign manager who is someone who was sacked by HP for leading them into trouble...