Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's a Muppet News Flash!

Photo of the Yesterday: Joe & Amanda at Grandpa Ken's

Today's novel progress: 886 words. Father Yuri starts laying into Joseph. I'm curious where this is going...

Dear People of the United States: Let me tell you a fact that may shock you. We each get one vote. That's it. You get your one vote, I get my one vote. Please stop trying to get me to use mine the way YOU want. You only get one. Live with it.


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Aravis said...

Love this picture. :0)

I know what you mean about the votes. I don't bother trying to change anyone else's mind, and I wish they'd stop trying to change mine. It's annoying and ineffectual, making me all the more determined to vote for the person I've chosen. I'm sure that trying to change someone else's mind would have the same effect on them. Totally pointless.