Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazing on a Friday Afternoon

A statue on the stairwell at Midtown Comics (on w40th & 7th.) Anyone know who she is? A slutty, cyborg version of Wonder Woman, perhaps? Her feet look very Giger-ish. I was thinking maybe Serpieri's Druuna, but the hair isn't right. I could have asked, but that would have taken the fun away.

Today's Novel Progress: 666 words. My lowest number so far, but what a good'un! Sometimes I pick up steam & run with it, sometimes it's plodding along word for word. Oh well, no rush. Pilgrim is talking again. Is he explaining too much? Am I just explaining to myself? I think I stopped him just in time - it'll be shown later.

Sitting on a black windowsill in Times square, looking at this ridiculously huge TV screen at the Nokia Theater & wondering who Phil Lesh is that he should be sold out for six nights. Going to meet some old friends for a few drinks. Watching people go buy. An Indian-looking guy is selling touristy pictures from a card table- John Lennon, NY skyline, the Meryl Lynch bull- you get the picture. Bought some Heavy Metal issues at Midtown Comics. Just lazing on a Friday afternoon.


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