Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little Word About Jawas.

Today's Novel Progress: 1002 words. Having fun turning characters on their heads.

Today we're going to take a moment to talk about the unsung heroes of the Star Wars universe, Jawas. Jawas are tiny, inoffensive creatures who like to take used droids off your hands and fix them up good as new. But many people don't realize that Jawas are actually the creatures that house the power of the force within their minds. (That's why their eyes glow, you see.) In fact, it was during a night of wild sexual abandon with Shmi Skywalker that caused little Anikin to be born. ("There was no father" my ass, she was just too ashamed to admit that she took part in a Jawa orgy.) So the next time you see a Jawa, don't chase it away, throw rocks at it, or call it a "filthy creature." Say "Thank you, Mr. Jawa, thank you for making the Star Wars Universe possible."



Michael O'Connell said...

inoffensive is in the nose of the beholder…

french toast girl said...


Have you ever offered this back story to Lucas?