Friday, September 05, 2008

Merrily Rolling Along

Photo of the Yesterday: Mother & child, asleep on the E - train.

Novel progress: 1185 words. This five thing is getting downright spooky. Pilgrim explained about his religion. Pilgrim attacked Joe. Note: I should come up with Pilgrim's history & the story of his people just for myself. It would be better to have it cemented in my mind to make things more real. I describe him as looking like a Muppet. Will I have to change that to puppet for copyright reasons? I hope not, especially since Muppets have distinct mouth-shapes & are sewn with a Henson-Stitch (thanks Elena!)

The (week after) Labor Day Parade is manyana. Joe's looking forward to it & the Union wants a big turnout- but if torrents of rain are going to be falling from the sky- sorry, Charlie. Maybe the ghost of Harry Van Arsdale can part the clouds for us.

Not an original thought, but if you brought someone from the dark-ages to the present, their minds wouldn't be able to cope with the technology. Would that happen if someone from today went 1000 years into the future, or have we reached some sort of imagination threshhold, where anything possible can be visualized? I hope not.


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Rayne said...

What would happen if we were sent a thousand years into the past? Yes, we've read what it was like, or what the historians say it was like but would we really be able to cope? Would it be harder to deal with going to the past or the future?