Friday, October 31, 2008

AOL Has Fornicated Me.

Note: AOL has decided to suddenly close down it's FTP site, without any sort of notification to its users. So, many of my pictures are now gone, and itself is down until I can find other hosting. I guess I'll go through Verizon, (my service provider,) for ftp space and I have backups on hard drive and disk - but this situation is just a bunch of shit I didn't need. Thanks, AOL, you useless bunch of rancid monkey scrotums. Thanks a fucking lot.

Today's Novel Progress: 749 words. It's going very slowly, I seem to be at a deciding point. I have made a decision, however, the main character's son is out. Some of his attributes will be taken on by the wife. I've also noticed that all the women in my story's names start with the letter "L." Odd. I wish I wasn't such a haphazard plotter.

The Ultimate Mom of the Year award goes to Elena (aka French Toast Girl) for the awesome costumes she made for her munchkins - Mahna Mahna & the Snowths. I am in some serious goddamn awe here. Joe & Mandy were a ninja & a fairy, respectively.

We watched Attack of the Killer Tomatoes last night as a family-friendly Halloween film. "Puberty-y, puberty love/ There's nothing li-ike puberty love/ It's so neat, it's so cool..."


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french toast girl said...

I am SO sorry about the site! I have some ideas though... I'll email you, you might be able to get some of it back.

love, me

ps ~ and thanks for the shout out! The parents who recognized Mahna Mahna laughed lots. :)