Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today's Novel Progress: 744 words

Wondering where this book is going. Is it ending soon? Is the final showdown going to take place? Does there need to be a final showdown? Saw W. today. I wonder how many people who see it realize that every conversation that wasn't public record was you know... made up. Richard Dreyfuss did an awesome Dick Cheney - even better than Darrell Hammond on SNL!

To whom it may concern. You have your vote, I have mine. My vote is between me and the lever, and so is everyone else's. That's the beauty of a private ballot. One of those silly "rights" things.


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Loni Edwards said...

Somebody told me, there's a reason there is a curtain on the polling booth! LOL Whoever you vote for, I say as long as you vote, right? I find it hard to imagine not voting, but there are many Americans who don't. Sad, but true. I think this election will have the most voter turnout ever. The candidates this year have been so interesting!