Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Today's Novel Progress: 771 Words

Boring day, nothing really to talk about. There is a Pooh toy here that says the alphabet. The tablecloth has grapes on it. Mandy didn't eat all of her dinner tonight. When I was young & my heart was an open book, my mother made us eat canned string beans every night. Way to create a vegetable aversion, mom. 11th year anniversary in a couple of days. Joe's going to get his orange belt on Friday. Seems like yesterday I was bragging about him being a yellow belt. No desire at all to watch the debates tonight. I'm tired. Going to hose my body down, scrape the tiny hairs from my face with a blade.



french toast girl said...

Yick. I remember those nasty string beans.

I said to my mom
I said "Hey, mom, what's up with all the string beans?"
And my dear, sweet mother
She just looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train,
And she leaned right down next to me
And she said,

Rayne said...

Sounds like you need some serious off time.
The whole MTA thing did not sound like fun at all. I add my wishes for poxes to yours.
We ate a lot of green beans. Big fat homegrown and canned green beans. All the time.
Not sure how I feel about that.

Tony LaRocca said...

UGH! I was talking about the skinny ones - the fat ones were above and beyond the call of disgusting - especially when mom would put tomato sauce on them. I would just retch and want to barf, I couldn't help it, but of course, that was a "bad" thing to do. Think of all the string beans needlessly slaughtered.