Thursday, October 02, 2008


Today's Novel Progress: 793 words.

It got chilly over here very quickly. Poor kiddies, I don't want them getting a chill. There were helicopters with searchlights over our apartment complex this morning as I and about twenty other people were walking to catch the bus. I have no idea what (who) they were looking for but rumors abound. Debating weather I want to watch the debate or not tonight. Like it matters, but it might wind up being entertaining. Bloomberg, the only liberal Democrat to run on a Republican ticket, wants to do and end-rush around term limits by having the city council repeal them. Why? Because we have a financial crisis, and he feels he knows what's best for us. No, not quite the Nanny State, just the Nanny City. I wonder how much he's paying the Daily News to promote his propaganda. Um, jackasses, the problem with the bailout isn't that FDIC is too low (who has more than $100k in their accounts these days?) or that it didn't include health benefits or whatever crap they've tacked onto it. The problem is that it's a blank check with no strings attached. The problem is that there's no assurance that, as with other bailouts in the past, the cash won't just go to the people on top and the people on the bottom are left to go fuck themselves. Cut the strings of a few golden parachutes first. Not that I would ever suggest that I WANT them to, but when I see some ex-millionaires jumping out of windows, then I'll believe that another great depression is right around the corner.



Anonymous said...

I feel they should think about just equally distributing the billions or trillions of dollars to US citizens over the age of 18 and give us the chance to circulate the money back into the system by paying off our debts. Then everybody gets a clean slate with a fresh start. They are jackasses just trying to get richer and leave the already struggling average Americans to fend for themselves and accept the loss. I feel before too long someone will regret these decisions when the American people unite together to take back their own country. As I have said before, no one wants to do their actual job anymore because the people of this county have gotten so lazy and expect things to be handed to them simply because they are in a "top" position. I've worked all my life and live a comfortable life, but no one gave me anything, and I never would expect someone to. I have actually asked my kids not to give me grandkids because this world won't be worth living on in a few short years to come, and I don't want to know that on my death bed they will have to struggle worse than I have just to pay an electric bill for heat. It's a sad situation, and I don't feel like it's going to get any better without a war within our own country between our bothers and sisters and the government that doesn't seem to know their mouth from their asshole.

String said...

Your last sentence said it all! I can see your book is going to be a doozy!