Thursday, October 16, 2008

Complain, complain, complain.

Today's Novel Progress: 708 words:

Ok, let me say that I like Obama. And one of the things I like about Obama is that his campaign hasn't sunk into victimization. Sadly, the media is doing it for him. I'm getting sick of reading weekly editorials about how some white people "may not be ready" to vote for Obama. (Read, if you're white and vote Republican, you must be a racist. You're not a racist... are you?) Ok, the O isn't doing it himself, but it's starting to get obnoxious. I mean, the latest ABC poll shows that caucasians are split 52-45 for McCain, but 95% of African Americans are voting for Obama. So, unless you're ready to call them racist, stop it. Another thing that pisses me off about Obama is that he bought commercials in video games. Ok, I'm not really pissed at him about this, just the gaming industry itself. See, I have this silly notion that commercials should be limited to shareware games (called "adware") - not games that I plunk down $50 to play. People play games to escape their miserable lives for a while, not to get even more pollitical shit thrown in their faces. Just a thought. As far as the debates last night, good for you, McCain, for telling Obama that if he wanted to run against W, he should have done it four years ago. Too bad that everything else that came out of your mouth was a load of bullshit.

A sign of the faltering economy: Wachovia closed down one branch in midtown, and has reduced the tellers of the nearest one to two. The result was a line that almost went out the door. At least people (hopefully) have money to deposit.


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