Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cost of Living

Yesterday's novel progress: 784 words

Worked late last night, and by late I mean 'till 2am. Somebody wanted to move a wall in their office. I don't know why, the wall seemed like it was in a perfectly nice space where it was, but no, they wanted to move it fifteen feet. Oh well, it keeps me employed. I had a few hours to kill in between shifts, so I went to a multiplex and saw what the marquis said was Tropic Thunder but turned out to be Righteous Kill. Wasn't bad, just a little too rushed, and there was a twist at the end. A pretty good afternoon waster. Everything is so goddamn expensive in NY. The ticket, small soda, and small popcorn cost me (and me alone) $22.50! After work, I took the subway back to Queens. I waited at the bus stop with a guy who lives on the same block, when a livery cab asked us if we needed a ride. I should have asked how much it was, because the three-mile ride cost us $10 - each. Whine whine whine.


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