Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today's novel progress: 811 words.

Joe & I saw City of Ember on Monday. It was nice. Not thrilling, but nice. The kid behind the candy counter was so obnoxious. Every time we asked for something, he kept asking us if we wanted to upsize. Forget that their "small" soda is about half a gallon already. I've suffered as a Waldenbooks manager when we were forced to push those goddamn discount cards on everyone (has anyone noticed how the price of books shot up astronomically since those were introduced?) so I have compassion for people working behind counters, but still, if it's obvious people just want their stuff, give them their stuff and don't waste their time trying to get them to waste more money! On a different track, I am so sick of all this political shit, I can't wait until this nonsense is over. They said on the news this morning that there's no guarantee that the bail-out money will be used to stimulate the economy and not be hoarded by these Wall Street failures, but the treasury is "certain" that they will do so. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Meanwhile, AIG goes on yet another junket. Just great.



LDahl said...

My grandsons lost their collage funds . Seriously, they are all but completely gone. Years of working scrimping and saving,gone in a few days. I'm sick and sad. And starting to get really's getting late though, and I'm tired. My daughter usually doesn't call this late, I think she is trying to take it well, but she is scared... and well, maybe a blog isn't the right place to vent a bit so I apologize but I'm not going to erase it. I feel like fat slugs have erased my grandsons futures. It pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

I always say the people in the government system are nothing but big fat rich liers. No matter who is running for whatever office they say what they have to to get there.

Rayne said...

I am with you on the whole political thing. I can't wait to vote and get it over with.
My husband is a broker and works the help line and he says some of the people that he talks to every day, it's just heartbreaking to hear what they are going through. Especially the retirees who have just lost everything and then he hears about stuff like the AIG retreat thing and he really wants to know if they have any clue what so ever about what they, and the others have done have done to people.
I can't believe our government is giving them more money. It's like handing a thief a pass key to every bank in the U.S. and then telling him to use it responsibly.