Monday, October 06, 2008

MTA, How I Hate Thee...

Today's Novel Progress: 956 Words

Did you ever have one of those days where you're shagged out and really need a seat on the bus, but the bus doesn't even show up, so the next one is already packed by the time it gets to you and you're only the second stop for Christ's sake and you have all your tools with you because you got suckered into working all Friday night and had to take them home so you're in like sardines on this bus and because it was late you have to take the E train but of course the E train has missed it's time as well for some unknown but probably innane reason so the platform is full of pissed off people and when the E train finally does come it's crammed full of people so you have to stand and your knees are hurting and then it just stops in the tunnel for about three minutes between almost every stop and you wonder what kind of goddamn motherfucking monkeys they have working at the MTA anyway and when it finally gets to your stop forty-five minutes later all the way down at the world trade center the margin you gave yourself has completely vanished so you have to rush down the street with your toolbag on your back and your aching legs just to barely get to work on time and you wish a pox on the MTA and all who dwell within her, a pox on both it's houses and you wish boils to appear on all the bus drivers skin and terminal incontinence for its conductors and yea let not even the people who scrub the toilets be left out, let everything they eat from now on taste like canned stringbeans and finaly may he who rules the MTA receive nothing on his television but Star Trek Voyager forever and ever that he may know he is damned and wish to end the torment but it never ends, it will never end...



Knitting Painter Woman said...

Yeah. I have had days like that, but I never made such an inspired rant as you. Bravo! (Hope tomorrow is better.)

Lou said...

Why sugar-coat your feelings? Tell us how you really feel. :)

Sorry you had a crappy day. I've had those days commuting in Washington, DC. Makes you realize why people should NOT carry guns while driving.

Anonymous said...

Since your in the construction business you should pack up your family and tools and move to Galveston where the cost of living is way, way cheaper and there is work to be done there for years to come!! I should know, I live in East Texas and when it hit here (4 hours away from there) it ripped our little town up. Plus, you can drive your own vehicle and park in thousands of available spaces!! Less stress for sure.

LDahl said...

You are such a nice guy because you didn't lay it on them, yea, unto the fourth generation, amen.
:))) Their day was probably kinda gritty too.
Texas is nice, the people are nice. The weather is probably over for this year. Think about it.

studio lolo said...

I hate hate hate the city! I grew up in Boston and took the el everywhere. The only time I liked it was when I was skipping school.
And canned stringbeans. Don't get me going on those!

Thanks for your visit today. It's been a while since I've stopped by too. Sorry! Looks like you've finally started your book. Yay! I'm gonna go take a look around and catch up now.
Happy 11th to you and Jen!