Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A few weeks ago, someone was kind enough to rearend us at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. After staying a week at the dealership, we got the car back yesterday, with at least two items STILL not repaired. Jen took it back today to have one item (the trunk door) fixed. After she drove home, she realized that they must have disconnected the rear brake lights when they fixed the trunk, because they don't work now. So she has to bring it back AGAIN tomorrow and argue with them that whatver's wrong, it's their fault.

Ever feel like screaming like the great Admiral Kirk and having your hoarse cry of frustration echo across the universe? I do!



Suzanne Casamento said...

That clip is fantastic! Thank you! I just laughed out loud. I felt like I wanted to scream all day and that clip alleviated the urge. Nice to have someone do it for me!

Tony LaRocca said...

:) The Wrath of Khan is such a wonderful film & certainly the best thing Star Trek ever put out- it's just pure melodramatic opera (in space!)

Aravis said...

With my first name, the phrase "...or face the wrath of Con..nie" has been used. In fact, it was used just today at work. *G*

That sucks about your car. Good luck!

Caroline said...

Sounds bad!