Monday, November 03, 2008

No, Virginia...

Today's Novel Progress: 685 words. Every word has been like pulling teeth the past few weeks. I'm pretty sure the reason is because I've been trying to lose weight, and, as always, it's become my latest obsession. This is no good, because it's taken the place of the obsession that was getting this goddamn book finished. I can only be completely focused and obsessed with one thing at a time, be it a novel, an animation, artwork, losing weight, etc. I can be a frighteningly obsessive person - just ask any woman who's survived me loving her.

I listened to Ziggy Stardust on the subway today. Are there any other Monty Python fans out there who mentally substitute Mr. Gumby's voice over David Bowie's in the song "Five Years?" (My brain hurts a lot!) The trains seem to have been taken over by ads for something called Remy Martin. Aparently, if I give it to my lady friends, they'll start lezzing out. (Wow! "Lezzing" is in Mozilla's spell-checker!)

There comes a time in every parent's life when, like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus, a child must be told that Adam and Eve were figments of someone's imagination. I tried not to get too exasperated at Joe's response: "But God WANTS you to believe in it." No, he probably wants you to use your brain, but that's just me.




Knitting Painter Woman said...

And how does one KNOW what God would want one to believe? Perhaps your son is ready for exigesis, or comparative religion, or the page on atheism... Good luck on the weight loss AND novel. I'm rooting for you.

steve said...

I hear you on the focus thing Tony. Sometimes a creative endeavor can take over everything. I have a hard time being pryed away from a painting or a drawing and I get very grumpy if I can't continue to work on it. Best of luck with the book!

french toast girl said...

Speaking as Joey's fairy Godmother, I have to say that yes, I believe God gave you a brain because he wants you to use it. Thinking is good.

I also think that Joey should talk to Uncle Paul, who had 12+ years of Catholic school, and can answer pretty much anything he has questions about. You'd be surprised how open and sensible those answers are.

janie said...

losing weight is hard work and can be very depressing if you do get obsessive about it. I just thought I'd share that I tried the general motor diet
and can honestly say it works, but be ware that the first day or two are hard, mostly because I got a thumping headache from lack of caffeine, be sure to drink plenty of water if you do try it.My substitute drink was cider vinegar(just a drop)and honey in hot water, apparently it is good for arthritis and suppressing appetite. bon appetit:)

Tony LaRocca said...

Elena - no problem - we'll trade kids. They can ask Uncle Tony any questions they want :D

Aravis said...

My professor and I keep making references to MP's Meaning of Life as the class (Child and Adolescent Psych) has covered conception, birth and early childhood. The other day the discussion turned to the way people used to have huge families vs. today's smaller ones, and why that was so.

All I could think was:

Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great/When a sperm gets wasted, God greats quite irate!"