Monday, November 24, 2008

Once Again, I am a Gentleman of Leisure

Well, here we are, laid off again. Thank God for the Union, that they'll find me a new job. It is annoying, though. I was finally with a good shop (Unity) where I didn't have to worry about checks bouncing or unpaid benefits or people expecting me to do ridiculous, unsafe things to protect my job. I worked for a succession of great foremen there, good guys who treated me like a human being. I had survived about five waves of layoffs, and I didn't manage to survive this one. Sure, it's not a nice feeling, not being wanted. I knew times are bad, and that we were all going to go eventually.

I'll get assigned to a new shop soon enough, then I'll have to go through the process of adapting to a new boss (and him adapting to me) all over again, making friends, etc. That's what I hate the most: you make friends, and then you have to go. We all went out to the bar on Friday, and everyone made sure I didn't have to pay for anything. You can't ask to work with nicer people than that.

Oh well. I'll have time to write when the kiddies are at school, and animate, and do a lot of crap around the apartment. There's a lot of work that needs doing. Maybe Jen & I can get out to see a movie or two while the kiddies are at school. Silver lining.



Caroline said...

That's tough - it is hard to lose a good job with great people.

Your previous post has had me wondering for ages about which fictional character I'd really like to be... too many of the characters I've liked were male and I don't want a sex change, even just fictionally... shows there is a lack of role models that I can really relate to!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Silver linings are good things to be able to identify. Best wishes. and Happy Thanksgiving.

french toast girl said...

Now you have no excuse not to finish the novel! :) I totally agree on the dates while the kids are at school. No need to hire a sitter, just GO!

love, me

Lou said...

It really sucks to be laid off around the holidays. I remember when I was laid off the Friday before Christmas one year. I was not in a Union so it was just "sorry about your luck."

Hope something comes around soon for you!

Jonna said...

My husband was laid off July 2007 and I was laid off November 2007. He's had a few odd jobs here and there since and now a really sh!tty job. I'm still looking, not real hard at the moment but funds are getting low so need to find something soon. No union here and in this small town not much to choose from...but life goes on