Monday, November 10, 2008

Stick Prop 8 Up Your Tuchas!

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I must say, this whole Prop 8 thing really burns my wick. Seriously. What the hell gives someone the right to decide what other people do with their lives? Someone once told me that the sanctity of marriage must be preserved. I've got news for you - whether your marriage is holy or not is up to you. How the hell does what two other people do change the holiness of your own marriage? OK, I admit - sometimes I wonder how many gay people just want to get married because they're told they can't - but so what? Millions of heterosexual couples have gotten married for stupider reasons. Think about it. If God is all powerful, then he's the one that wired people's brains up the way they are. And if your God is a "loving God," and he created people who are attracted to others of the same sex, do you really think he wants them to be lonely, miserable, and fight who they are all their lives? I can name a few million sins worse than the crime of loving someone.


PS - If Prop 8 goes into effect, than how can poor Walter and Perry ever get married?

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Aravis said...

Yeah, that was a real kick in the gut to those who thought that they had made such strides.

Here in CT, gay marriage is now legal. During our last elections, we had Prop 1, which was to have a constitutional convention to alter our state's constitution. The commercials tried to make it sounds like it was all about power to the people and all that, but it was really about the (then) upcoming passage of gay marriage. They wanted to change our constitution in order to thwart the CT Supreme Court's ruling that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional. Thankfully, this didn't pass. The first marriages took place the other day, and I loved seeing those happy faces on the news.

Here's hoping those Prop 1 people don't find some other way to undermine it all.