Thursday, December 04, 2008

David Warner for Doctor!

It's always good to have things to look forward to. Being a certified nerd, I eagerly await certain movies (Watchmen) or games (Grand Theft Auto 4) or in this case, Doctor Who Unbound (audio adventures that take place in an alternate reality) episodes to come out:

I know the new Dr. Who is on a major "cute and romantic" kick that the young whippersnappers and the ladies seem to love, (and watching the trailer for "The Next Doctor" it looks like they once again remade an audio adventure: "The One Doctor"... grr...) but seriously- can't we get a petition started to have David Warner signed up as the 11th Doctor when David Tennant leaves? I'm really sick of my favorite show being turned into a soap opera.



Anonymous said...

Do it with Doctor who is obvious Mr Davis seems to think we can just keep going younger and younger with the Doctor and its killing the show. David Warner would make an excellent choice for the new doctor and not just chosen from mr davis groin.

Anonymous said...

David Warner would be the best choice ever to replace Tennent....this would be better than anything. BBC should offer him whatever it takes.