Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Delayed Blogging

Sorry it's been over a week since I was here. How much has happened? Not much.

You knew I had to bitch about it sooner or later: So let me get this straight. Obama has resurrected team Clinton (including Her Royal Heiney Herself) in pretty much the same way that W resurrected his father's and Regan's old team. I fail to see where the promised "change" comes in. As far as Hillary goes, I can understand wanting to keep your enemies closer (thank you, Michael Corleone,) but the number four spot is still too close. Couldn't he have rewarded her final-month, lukewarm support by making her ambassador to Madagascar or something? At least she'd have some lemurs to dance with...

I'm still unemployed, trying to keep busy. I go for two one and a half mile walks every day, with my Dr. Who Audio Adventures to keep me company. (Thank you, Big Finish, for selling downloadable DRM-free mp3s that I can play on my Pocket PC without any fuss.) Keeping up my 1000 words a day in the novel, meditating 15 minutes in the morning & at night, spending at least an hour a day working on False Idols, doing shit around the apartment (I have to paint sooner or later) And yes, playing GTA 4 once the kiddies have gone to bed. :D

Speaking of the X-box, thank you Sony for finally allowing Netflix to stream Columbia films to that wonderful toy. It took you long enough.

The pictures that were lost when AOL dumped its My FTP Space have been resurrected (the hard drive they were originally on is fried, I have to buy a new pcb board and see if I can repair it) by downloading them from AOL with Filezilla's client program. Why AOL couldn't have simply let users retrieve their old files through them I don't know. Anyway, the illustrations that were here back in early 2005 have been replenished. My project for the next few days is to bring and Webby (my web-comic) back to life.


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