Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nerds Without Cash

Someone was kind enough to post the new Dr. Who special, "The Next Doctor" on YouTube, sacrificing his account to the great gods of TOS violations to do so. (Sometimes, I wonder how long it will be before they start fining you for watching copyrighted material on YouTube.) Earlier, I commented that from the preview, it looked like the episode was going to be a ripoff of an audio adbenture, "The One Doctor." I was very happy to be wrong. Not only was it an original story from Russell Davies, but it was very well written. (A very nice retro-clip can be found here.)

I've been getting depressed over my cash situation. I know, everybody's economic life is shit right now, but I feel like I've gotten absolutely nowhere in the past eleven years. It took me almost nine years to get to the top rate for an NYC electrician, and ever since I got there, there has been such horrible unemployment that I've barely been working half a year at a time ever since. Meanwhile, since I started, my rent has almost doubled and the cost of living has skyrocketed. So even though my hourly wage is now five times what it was eleven years ago (and a higher tax-bracket means my take-home is only about three times,) the massive unemployment, raises in rent and other costs of living has increased so much that I'm barely doing any better than I was when I began. I know, I know, life sucks all over, I should be glad to have a place to live and the union finding work for me, etc., but it still blows.

On the lighter side, Jen Joe & I watched Love at First Bite last night. For those who haven't seen this pure 70's gem, I have to say Arte Johnson steals the show as Renfield. ("Noooo.... my lunch... will eat you!") It's also great to remember a time when films weren't terrified of being politically incorrect - I doubt many of the "catch the black chicken!" jokes would make it into movies today.



Anonymous said...

Things will work out for you. In the meantime, hava a laugh or two at my expense.....

The average blue whale produces over 400 gallons of sperm
when it ejaculates, but only 10% of that actually makes it into
his mate. So 360 gallons are spilled into the ocean every time one unloads, and you wonder why the ocean is so salty!!

Oh! By the way...Don't swallow the water!!!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I wish you optimism, health, wealth, and enthusiasm in the new year. Keep writing your novel.. Hoping you emerge to feel more like Neil Gaiman than David Foster Wallace... though both have written amazing things.

Aravis said...

I'm sorry that you're going through such a tough time!

As for Love at First Bite, that's such a great movie. Did you ever see him in Zorro the Gay Blade? *G*

String said...

Sorry to hear of the money woes, but am not surprised as it seems to be happening to so many. The cost of living over here in London is extreme, probably a lot like New York. One interesting thing tho was that when I was in CA food was more expensive than in that was very strange.