Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A few weeks ago, my father grumbled that William Shatner used to play a hero, but, "now he just acts like a jackass." Sorry dad - although a living god, Mr. Tambourine Man has been acting like a jackass for years - but it raises an interesting point: Where did all the admirable heroes - even those as one-dimensional as Captain James Tiberius Kirk - go?

On the Caroline Kennedy issue: thank you Hillary Clinton, for cementing the NY senate seat as a holding place for celebrities without experience who want to get a very high step up into politics.

Isn't there simply something fundamentaly wrong with an economy that constantly rides a roller coaster? Shouldn't something be done about governments (or government agencies - I'm talking to you, NYC MTA) that are constantly crying poverty, and constantly cutting services and jobs while demanding more from your pocket?

A few years ago, I asked Jen, "do you remember as a kid seeing a really weird Christmas special about aliens being the three wise men or something?" She didn't - but after some searching, I found that it did exist, and it was called "A Cosmic Christmas." It's nice to know some things aren't just in my imagination. Anyone else remember this?



String said...

You are so right on the political or rather economic/political front. The great division is beginning.

french toast girl said...

I totally remember this, and doesn't the one on the right look like Yoda?

love, me

VallyP said...

I agree about the heroes, the politics and everything Tony, but I don't know the programme you're talking about sadly. Sounds like fun. Nice to drop by again. Hope you've had a good holiday and the new year will be grand!

Aravis said...

No, I've never heard of it. Nice, though, when someone is able to validate a vague memory, reassuring you that you aren't crazy. At least not over this. *G*