Saturday, January 03, 2009

Warning: Nerd ranting

Ok, I'm really pissed off at the new choice for Doctor. Does the once mysterious time traveler - who started out as an anti-hero grandfather with white hair for fuck's sake- keep having to get younger and younger just to keep the kids watching? Is the teenage girl squee factor all that matters anymore? Stephen Moffat has (thank God) taken the reins from Russell T Davies, but from their choice, I'm guessing the soap opera factor will continue.

Sigh. Time to pop another Jon Pertwee DVD in the player.

All right. Ranting aside, best of luck to Matt Smith, who at 26, is the youngest Doctor ever.



VallyP said...

LOL Tony, it's many a moon since I've watched any Doctor Who, and the last one I can remember was Tom Baker. Anyhoo, I hope the new one doesn't disappoint too much, and of course John Pertwee will always be it, jsut as Sean Connery will always be theeee JB.

Happy new year!

Tony LaRocca said...

Tom Baker is my personal fave as well, I've just been watching a lot of Jon Pertwee episodes lately (and I would say he's a very close second.)

Caroline said...

I happened to see the unveiling too... I suspect that there is some unannounced rule from the time vortex that the doctor gets younger on each regeneration.

Tony LaRocca said...

Well, with the exception of Peter Davison and David Tennant (who were in their early thirties) the average seems to be in the mid 40s with two in their fifties. I hope they don't re-write the rules to keep him young just so they can keep the squee factor going. He's not Mork from Ork for Christ's sake.

Ian T. said...

Oh yeah, me too! How can anyone outcool David Tennant?! Personally, I would've liked to see Bill Nighy, for a complete change of pace.

Tony LaRocca said...

I didn't even think of Bill, but I'd like him too.