Thursday, March 12, 2009

Was Pulto Mickey's S&M Slave & Other Thoughts

Mandy has been watching classic Disney cartoons on YouTube, and I can't help but wonder - was Pluto Mickey's S&M love slave? Let's look at the facts. In the Disney universe, it has been proven that dogs are "people," just like ducks, mice and chipmunks. Goofy is the most common example. So why does Pluto resign himself to wearing a leash and collar, living in a doghouse, and responding to Mickey's every whim? The only logical answer is that Pluto likes it that way. Prove it to me otherwise.

Is human fat jelled anger? Whenever I've lost weight, I've noticed that during the process, although I feel better physically and most of the time emotionally, I am prone to random fits of anger and lashing out. I've read that others have experienced this as well. So, seeing as stress is a big contributor towards obesity for us unlucky ones, (you don't want to know what we think of you assholes who manage to get thinner under stress,) and seeing as everything in the mind is electro-chemical, I can't help but wonder if human fat is the storage for these anger-chemicals. Not a purely scientific thought, but interesting...

Any other imponderables out there?



Aravis said...

I would never have figured out the Mickey/Pluto love slave situation without you. Not sure whether that deserves thanks, though. *G*

String said...

Sometimes I see human 'fat' as in a way you could be insulates us from situations that most likely make us mad...but we can't be mad about, thus when cleared out, it releases much pent up anger! Hummm. Don't know about the S/M Slave thingy, it's been too long since I have seen Mickey and Pluto in action.

Suzanne Casamento said...

I think your theory about Mickey and Pluto is a good one. Why wear the collar if you're "human" enough to take it off?

As for the fat = anger equation, it makes sense that if your body is releasing tons of toxins, and that must happen when burning fat cells, that your mood could be affected. I think we need to ask a scientist.

Do we know any scientists?

Rayne said...

We assholes who get thinner under stress, or who don't gain weight at all no matter how hard we try, are too busy eating cupcakes to ponder imponderables thankyouverymuch.
I am also fairly certain that I will never look at the whole mickey/pluto thing the same way again.
Have you noticed that in the really old Disney cartoons Mickey practically date rapes Minnie every time they go some where?