Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

There is a tree by my apartment building whose giant roots are thick and high, but are chopped close so it can fit in a sidewalk square. If it had had the luck to grow in a forest instead of Queens, it might have spread out about ten feet in every direction.

Amanda is well on her way to becoming a woman. She stomps around the house yelling, "I am so angry!" When you ask her what's making her so angry, she screams, "Nothing!"

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a fun waste of time, but there's nothing really creative or special about it.

I'm having a very hard time working on my second draft lately, because life keeps changing the way I view my characters. I should just barrel through the damn thing before my perspective changes again.

I've also taken up work on False Idols again, and remembered why I got annoyed in the first place. All those tentacles can be a little overwhelming.

All the tiny beetles in my building, (one of the many joys of living in an old apartment,) go to my dining room light to die. Whereas in the days of incandescent bulbs they would accumulate in the defuser glass, they now pack themselves into the grooves of the curly florescent bulbs by the hundreds. It's disgustingly cool.

Enough reflections for now.


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String said...

Ah, I like musings.