Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's the News Across the Nation?

OK, I'm all for diplomacy, but I'm sorry that it took an innocent woman's murder, (or should I say the public outcry over it,) for our president to finally acknowledge that Iran's regime is a brutal one.

And speaking of poor Neda, I usually don't go for conspiracies, but isn't it odd that she was killed by a sniper at all - much less with a camera already on her?

(Writing this on the bus) Yo, mister bus driver- if the bus is so packed that no one else can get on, why do you keep stopping, opening the doors so people can TRY to get on, telling them you're sorry, they don't fit, please get off, and then repeat? Are you looking for that one, special, Tetris-piece-shaped someone?

I'm really sick of newspapers (Daily Post & the Daily News) who just can't simply tell the news without editorializing. The DN used to be much better comparatively, but it gets worse & worse. Even more- it keeps printing "stories" about what an influence it has over Albany, and how readers agree so much with whatever bullshit they say. Give me a strait AP piece any day.

Enough bitching for now. Take care



Aravis said...

I love your note to the bus driver. I recently had the joy of riding one of your subways, with people's faces plastered up against the doors because of crowding. Where was your bus driver then? *G*

I know what you mean about being frustrated with so-called "news" and editorializing inappropriately. It really makes me angry.

Daszzle said...

Maybe it's like a rule that the bus driver must stop at all designated stops. He's probably a compulsive rule follower. So stupid... I'm not judging... I think I just learned of the pathetic bus driving version of myself.

P.S. I'm with you on the preference to AP style.... stick to the facts people