Thursday, September 10, 2009

Firefox Risen from the Ashes

I've used Mozilla's Firefox for a long time. There are two main reasons. One, it has Adblock Plus, which means that I can happily browse the web or watch videos without seeing goddamn commercials that may pay for but have completely ruined the internet, and two, it has Video Downloadhelper which lets me easily save videos from almost any site.

Recently, Firefox 3.0x was slowing down, so I upgraded to 3.52. This is where my troubles began. The new installation took five minutes to load, and then every page itself would take at least ten minutes. Searching the web did not help, just pages and pages of people with problems like mine but with no solution. I tried reinstalling my earlier version to no avail.

I tried some different browsers. Safari is very pretty, but has no add-ons for the Windows version. Opera just was another browser, nothing really special. Chrome is very fast, but again, no ad-ons. I don't even want to talk about IE.

I took the plunge and removed every key I could find mentioning Firefox or Mozilla from the registry (kiddies don't try this at home!) I restarted, reinstalled, and VIOLA! I can surf without annoying ads again! I can download videos easily again!

God, I feel good about myself when I solve annoying problems :)


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Aravis said...

Viola? What has a small violin-like instrument have to do with anything. *G*