Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Speech, speech!

Today, my children will more than likely hear President Obama’s welcome back speech telling them to (gasp!) take personal responsibility and (good gravy!) stay in school. Who cares? I think if anything, kids across the nation will simply zone out from boredom, or throw things (if they're in an assembly) or make obnoxious comments back, or doodle, or fantasize about the girl sitting in front of them - you know, things kids do. I’ve always been confused by the fear of children hearing a whisper from an ideology that their parents don’t agree with, and adults who are terrified to hear a whisper of a conflicting ideology make me giggle even more. I always have the utmost respect for people who can hear an idea they don’t believe in and actually consider it and think about logically. Of course, there are limits, (like the time I took the painstaking effort to explain to my son that Cinco de Mayo was the day of mourning for the 10,000 jars of mayonnaise lost on the Titanic, but his teacher had the gall to insist it was some holiday or something,) but people who are comparing this morning’s speech to the organizing of the Hitler Youth need to turn down their exaggeration meters a few hundred notches.


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Anonymous said...

Kids didn't watch the sppech anyway. They were too busy texting each other or playing Guitar Hero 5.