Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning Kvetchings

Some cool building on 5th avenue lit up red in the early morning.

Once again, my loathing of the MTA knows no bounds. They are my cross to bear, a blight upon my existence. The ads on the subway are depressing to the point I want to eat my own spleen. Most of them are attempts to get me to go back to school so I can better my life. There are romance novel ads, "Evelyn... The middle sister who had it all, but there's trouble in paradise." ConEd (Save money by cleaning out your AC filters!) I just want to shut my eyes and blot the world out. The train is old, the ride is slow but rocking and bumpy because the infrastructure of the city is falling to hell in a ham sandwich and I keep knocking my head back against an ad for storage space and I wonder how many other heads have banged against it and did they have cooties and did the cooties become one with the advertisement until being awakened by my head?

Speaking of advertisements, every Bloomberg ad makes me want to vomit. I just have something against politicians who perform end-rushes around term limits because "we need him." If he's so goddamn wonderful then he should have worked his magic over the eight years he had in office to help us instead of seeing us merely as money making assets.

The screeching wheels are like razor blades against my nerves. God, I'm crotchety today. Isn't that a great word, "crotchety"? I feel like I'm the first Doctor. I can picture Beavis saying "crotchety" over and over again. “Crrrrrrrrotchety!!!” God, I miss Beavis and Buthead. "For there is but one bunghole! One almighty bunghole…"

Here we are screeching into Lex & 53rd. This station is so filthy. That's it's claim to fame, being filthy. There used to be a guy who sang opera for cash. A woman with a tremendous voice used to sing blues standards here too. Did they try America's Got Talent, or perhaps American Idol?

OK friends and neighbors, it’s been fun kvetching to you. Hope you all have a nice day.



String said...

Loved that blog! I appreciate heartfelt commentary and observation.

Suzanne Casamento said...

I love the word crotchety! And I love that you kvetch.

Good luck with the MTA.