Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Morning Commute Thoughts

On the bus at 5:45am. It's not too cold out. I've put the lining back in my coat and with my fleece sweat jacket underneath I feel like a penguin. The seats on some of these buses have sides to them on the aisle, so two people who aren’t twigs can't sit together. (A deliberate intention of the nanny-state? Hmmm...) A little girl is sharing the seat with me. I wonder what makes her, her sister & her mother take the bus & subway every day.

I am surrounded by Budweiser ads. It's a shame that it tastes like pee (I imagine.) Someone is going deaf to a nice disco beat. We had a nice party for Joe on Saturday (he turned twelve.) Random bumper sticker: "Positive is how I live." Something to do with ions?

Now I'm on the F. I grabbed an AM (free paper) just for the Ken-ken puzzle. I ripped that page out & stuck it in my pocket. That paper is pretty useless. I'll buy a Daily News on the way. That's only semi-useless. Here's something annoying- it's a good 1/2 mile walk from the subway to Colombian Presbyterian, and even when I worked there four years ago for another shop I've yet to find a deli on the way. I have to actually walk three blocks in the opposite direction.

Personality test- on an empty 2-seater, I move all the way in instead of sitting on the outside seat & making someone climb over me to get to the cramped spot. Aren't I so modestly wonderful? Am I just trying to offset my karmic balance?

Oh well, I’m here. Have a nice day.



Aravis said...

Happy birthday to Joe!

RHoward said...

Good to see you posting again. I, for one, am glad to see that you're hanging in there.