Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party Party Join Us Join Us....

It's almost 1am and I'm in the subway station more than slightly pissed, as the English would say. Rum and Cokes are meant to be shared with special friends, it's in the bible, I think... I met a very nice Russian couple at Kristen's party. Well, she's Russian & he's American. We had fun looking at the different drinks on the chalkboard. "Let's try that! Oooh, how about that one?

Ok I'm on the E train now even though it's running local. I have become, in the words of Pink Floyd, comfortably numb. The E's running as a local tonight so it will take more time. I'm leaning against a pole. A seat would be really nice. I'm sure everyone here is riding all the way to 71st Continental.

Ha ha, I got a seat! That'll teach me to make assumptions! I'm listening to the Jimmy Durante album I bought my father for no other reason than I'm feeling blank and empty and it's upbeat. I'm inebriated- someone could take advantage of my inebriation if they really wanted to and ask me all kinds of questions. Good thing no one gives a crap at the moment :) I want to go home and have a little pasta with butter and cheese. Mm.

Ok everything is shaking and some MTA workers are loading up the car with material. I don't care just get me to 71st/ Continental on time. Time being 1:30 am.

I was trying to play some old Infocom games on my ppc. I should write one. Maybe I'll work on it with Joe. That would be a fun project.

There's a little feather blowing around on the floor. Ooh, we're here!

Ok on the bus now. It's not oppressively warm like it was on the way here. I've switched from Jimmy Durante to Weird Al ("Let the stomping fun begin- bash their weasly skulls right in! It's tradition that makes it ok...") Signing off for now, I'll post this later- or not. My words of wisdom for the evening: Life is like a kumquat. Sure, you could put it in a blender and add fermented marmoset blood- but why would you want to?


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Aravis said...

Well that was fun! A trippy ride in a trippy mind in a body that was taking a trip. *G*