Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Blog in the Life

I made the kids one of those bucket-of-soups for lunch. I had to cut up Mandy's because the noodles are too long. She keeps saying she wants this, that and the other thing, and if I say no, she points out the window at the snow and whines, "But DA-ddy, it's CHRIST-mas!"

I've been having dreams the past couple of nights where I'm continuously throwing up.

I went to see Tom and Rachel in PA this weekend. Their daughter Caragh is so beautiful and sooo tiny! I forgot how tiny little babies can be!

The best part though was watching Tom play daddy and cuddling with her. I've never seen that side to him before. Who knew? It's good to visit good people.

Sometimes I miss my friends more than I can say.




french toast girl said...

I hope the throwing up dreams have stopped...

Tony LaRocca said...

They have, thank you for asking. I never had those before, though I have had dreams involving other digestive functions... (tmi?)