Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily Cuteness

My son and I took a trip recently to visit my parents. We thought it would be fun to take the train. I was explaining him how to plan a trip online, and mentioned that our destination was the Lyons Station. My daughter ran over all excited. "Lions? You're going to the zoo to see lions and elephants and giraffes?" Ever since, for three days now she's been asking me to go to the zoo. Sometimes she's just too adorable for words.

Still don't believe me? We've been watching back episodes of Lost recently on Netflix. As the credits rolled on the last episode, I closed out the browser window. "Where's the bad robot?" Mandy yelled. "I want to see the bad robot!" Of course, I started it again. At the end of the credits, she happily shouted along with the children's voices, "BAD ROBOT!"

I spent the day finishing a project on Neutrino Astronomy. Did you know millions of those little buggers are passing through you as you're reading this? Well now you do.

Goodnight, my friends

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Aravis said...

You're right- she's so cute!

Love "Lost" and "Bad Robot." *G*