Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pollitical Musings

Ok, so if I'm supposed to take President Obama at his word that he has saved us from another great depression (despite the current high unemployment rate,) does it then logically follow that I'm supposed to take former Pres. George W. Bush's word about all the times he supposedly saved the world from terrorism?

When I listen to how both major parties and their followers blame each other for the current situation (whatever situation that may be,) I think of Ayn Rand's Forward to her novel We the Living:

"Take a look through the files of the newspapers. If you do, you will observe the following pattern: first, you will read glowing reports about the happiness, the prosperity, the industrial development, the progress and the power of the Soviet Union, and that any statements to the contrary are the lies of prejudiced reactions; then, about five years later, you will read admission that things were pretty miserable in the Soviet Union five years ago, just about as bad as the prejudiced reactionaries had claimed, but now the problems are solved and the Soviet Union is a land of happiness, prosperity, industrial development, progress, and power; about five years later, you will read that Trotsky (or Zinoviev or Kamenev or Litvinov) or the “kulaks” or the foreign imperialists) had caused the miserable state of things five years ago, but now Stalin has purged them all and the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union has surpassed the decadent West in happiness, prosperity, industrial development, etc; five years later, you will read that Stalin was a monster who had crushed the progress of the Soviet Union, but now it is a land of happiness, prosperity, artistic freedom, educational perfection and scientific superiority over the whole world. How many of such five-year plans will you need before you begin to understand?"



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