Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fooling April Blahs

The hot water’s not working. I wanted to shave and take a shower, now I’m resigned to being hairy and smelly. I can’t find the charger for my trimmer either. It’s somewhere in this unholy mess. I’ve unearthed six adapters so far. Two are for phones I no longer own, the other four I have no clue what they do. Can you say pack rat?

I have some slightly overdue library books to return. I also have paperwork to drop off at the union. I’ll take my son with me, it’s such a beautiful day. I’ve been trying to clean and I’ve found a stack of the kids school pictures over the years. If all they do is sit in a stack, why the hell do we order them?

My daughter has built a wall out of the ottoman and couch and chair cushions to block the living room from the rest of the apartment. I’m dealing with stepping over it right now because I just don’t have the heart to dismantle it.

I did some editing this morning. Getting closer and closer to getting my second draft the way I want it to be. I got caught up last night in playing Civ 4. It’s so easy to get distracted, to do things to pass the time instead of living. I’ll have to walk to the grocery store later and get some fresh fruit and smoothie ingredients.

That's my exciting life, hope everyone's having fun being foolish.


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String said...

Pack rat...there I said it! They should just do ONE photo per year for school...or a certain number that you want to give away -