Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Minute Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday: "Ahead." Please click above for higher resolution. It's worth it.

OK, I know I got this one in at the very last minute, but it took a week to make, goddamn it! The hardest part was modeling my head in Poser. I eventually gave up trying to use the Face Room utility that's supposed to line up photographs of your head with splines, and instead saved their default texture and matched my webcam photos up to it in Photoshop. Once I had a texture I could live with, I imported it back into poser, and did a lot of trial and error to get features that were close to mine.

I exported my pretty-decent head into 3ds max and edited the mesh (soft selection is very useful) until it looked pretty much like my dear old self. Next I used Boolean tools to cut the top of my head up into pieces. After that, I used Reactor to simulate blowing a musket ball through the top of my head, and let the pieces fall where they may. I now had a head in pieces, but it looked too clean. I went back to my friend Photoshop and created some cracks both as an opacity map (making it look like my head was missing pieces) and to add to my texture.

Ah, but what's inside? Zbrush is very organic, but it makes wonderful gears very easily. I created some different gears, imported them back into 3ds Max, created a few springs, multiplied them until I had a handful of 64, then used reactor to dump them all in a heap around my open skull.

The marble floor was a bit of a pain in the ass. I couldn't get the tiles to look exactly the way I wanted. I used different smoothing groups, but the effect still gives the individual tiles too much slant. I don't think it's noticeable to anyone but me. (I made it by creating a cylinder, and extruding and beveling certain faces to get the raised tile look. The grout is a plane with a noise texture.)

But why did my head break in the first place! I know, it's because my unwanted, squatting tenant escaped! I spent half a day creating a mechanical bug and just didn't like the result. had a free ant mesh by someone named 3DMB. I gave him a metallic look and he worked nicely.

OK, so I rendered it and put it all together in Photoshop. There were a few problems with the ant's reflections and shadows and I fixed them by drawing in a few extra shadows and rendering twice, once with and once without the ant, and composting between the two. I then decided that I just didn't like the way my beard looked- there was too much artifacting in the texture. I took the original webcam photo I had used to make the texture from, pasted my mouth over the 3d mouth, scaled and skewed with free transform, added appropriate shadows, matched the color and contrast, and voila! A wee bit of Gaussian noise and everything matches up pretty well! I blurred the far tiles to give it a little depth of field, and there you have it!

I hope you all enjoy, and I'm glad to squeeze it into IF with two hours to spare!



french toast girl said...

This turned out REALLY well - I do think this one looks more like you than the version earlier this week.

My very favorite part is more apparent when you click for the larger version and can see your eyes. The way they're looking up/to the side gives it that "Darnit! Not again!" look.

Seriously nice job.

LDahl said...

Splendid!!!!! Awesome, fantastic, impressive and gorgeous!!!!!!
This rocks my bobby socks off.
Did I say beautiful, no I didn't... but I'm saying it now. Wow.

Aravis said...

The results are amazing! You're so talented. And also a twisted genius, one of the things I like about you. ;0)

String said...

Very nice...Aravis is right...twisted genius, I like that!

Andrew Finnie said...

Nice work Tony, thanks for the process too. Love the cracks in the face texture and the cogs. 'reactor' hah? Is that a plug in for 3d max? Don't worry I'm being lazy - I'll google it :)

spindelmaker said...

Wow! What a job! The result looks great! I haven´t tried that program, now I think I might have to download a trial-version, just to check out the possibilities. Thanks for visiting my blog, so that I could find you :-)