Monday, April 26, 2010

Vomiting Trees

When it rains, the trees in Queens like to vomit their flowers onto the sidewalk.



Suzanne Casamento said...

Ohhh...must you use the word "vomit"? Trees vomiting flowers? I know it makes sense. And the flowers soften the vomitiness of it.

But what about "shed"? Or "dust"? Or "snow"? When it rains, the trees shed/dust/snow flowers all over the sidewalk.

I know. I'm such a girl.

Aravis said...

My sinus cringe at the sight. You wouldn't think something like sinuses could do that, but they can.

I hate Spring. It's pretty, which makes it all the more evil.

Elephangaroo said...

It begs the question, "When a tree vomits in Queens does anybody hold its leaves out of its face?"