Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Annoying Life...

Another fun-filled day has come to a close. I always feel like I’m whining when I say that I’m tired, but I AM tired. I feel it all the way from my skin through my muscles into my bones and up my spine to my dissolving brain. I feel like I’m a computer game that was meant to run on an i7 with 8 gigs of ram and a GeForce 480 that’s trying to clog along on a Pentium III. Do I have unrealistic expectations, or is there someone I can see about an upgrade?

After having been eradicated for fifty years, bedbugs are making a comeback in New York City. The reason? Because certain pesticides that kept them at bay have now been banned. The annoying thing is that any articles I read on the subject have an, “Oh well, we need to learn to deal with it,” attitude. Fuck that noise. So many things around us are destroying the environment, one more won’t make a difference. Bring those pesticides back. Now.

Here’s something else that annoys me. I read a few editorials today that state that one in five foolish, racist, and uneducated Americans (not my feelings, just the tone of the editorials) believe that President Obama is a Muslim. Here’s what pisses me off - and no, I have no idea nor do I care what religion the president is - I just hate the us vs. them mentality that our media thrives on fostering: The poll says “Do you happen to know what Barak Obama’s religion is?” It does not say, “What religion does President Obama say he follows?” Because there’s a big difference in having the personal belief that the president is a closet Muslim, and thinking that he is an openly practicing Muslim. The wording of the poll and the resulting smug editorials that followed seem to imply that anyone who thinks the former really believes the later, and has obviously had their brains thoroughly scrubbed by the sinister FOX conglomerate rather than being someone who has merely formulated an opinion.

So what’s annoying you today?



Rayne said...

My mom lives in Ga. now, and she says that there are politicians down there that are demanding to see his 'real' birth certificate because they know his is a Muslim nation plant. Right... like...oh, hell, it's just so damn stupid I don't know what to say about it.
As for what is annoying me today? New rounds of new doctors coming up. I totally hate that. They all want to do the same tests all over again, and poke the same things, and then prescribe the same medications. The military cycles their doctors every three years, and it really sucks.
I totally understand the being tired thing. It's frustrating. Not even cookies help.
And as for the bedbugs? I'm pretty sure they can come up with something that will kill them off if they try hard enough.

Tony LaRocca said...

I'm sorry you're having to go through all that my friend. As far as the Birther Movement goes, I have to logically conclude that no matter what, if there was ANYTHING that would have disqualified him from being president, the Republican party (which was in office at the time he was running for election which would have given them access to all kinds of information) and Hillary Clinton would have rooted it out long before the election.

String said...

I'm not a huge fan of pesticides...but then again, never had to deal with bedbugs...eeeek!