Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do I Need Psychiatric Help?

I had a dream last night where I rode the Q64 bus home from work. A man in a black trench coat with a large black hat sat behind me. I could tell he was staring at me, but I was afraid to turn around and look at him. I was so afraid I got off at a stop that wasn't mine, and the man got off with me. I felt afraid, but angry, I wanted to face him and fight him, but the dream took its own course out of my control. I walked faster, but I could hear his footsteps matching mine. I ran, and he followed. I felt his hand grab my shoulder and he spun me around. I fell to the ground, twisting. I raised my fists, ready to beat the shit out of whoever it was, and looked up in the rain and darkness at my attacker. He loomed over me, tears streaming down his childlike face.

It was Matthew Waterhouse.

"Stop telling everyone I ruined Doctor Who!" he sobbed. "It's not my fault Adric was a total prat, I just read what was written and played the character like John Nathan Turner wanted! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!"

And then I woke up.

OK, seriously... what the fuck?

May I add that while I always hated Adric, (a blatant attempt by a science fiction franchise that had been doing fine for decades with an adult cast to increase their number of young viewers by adding a kid,) I haven't thought of him in decades. The only reason I can think of is that Mitchell and Webb recently mentioned him in a sketch. So is this just proof that the flowing river of the subconscious can occasionally dredge some bizarre sludge from the forgotten wastes of my memory, or is it a warning, and should I fear the day I meet him, Wil Wheaton, and Jake Lloyd in a dark alley?



Rayne said...

You know... I have read this post three times over the past couple of weeks and I'm still at a loss...

npdeasy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! You had a MATHEW WATERHOUSE dream?!!!!! That is awesome! Hey I actually did like Adric and, dare I say, shed a lonely tear from him when they killed him off the show. (Yes, I was a nerd). They might have gone after more young'uns with the "kid" character, but, boy, did they go dark killing him in a fiery crash!