Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cleopatra: Queen of...

Civilization V is a crappy game that does not live up to the hype or expectations. What's worse, it actually has less features than previous Civ games (No "Hotseat" multiplayer, no religion, a "streamilned" (read "less than before") technology tree, no animated scenes for wonders or victories...) basically, it's the same exact game it has been for twenty years, but with a prettier engine, and with less actual gameplay quality than before.

Whoever runs Civ V's facebook fan-page has been triumphantly announcing award nomination after award nomination for the past month. Each one winds up getting about a hundred jeering, smart-ass comments from pissed-off players, along with a few words of support - yet they cheerfully keep pumping out announcement after announcement. They have every right to self-promote, but after a point I have to wonder if they're just living in denial, or if the PR department is making bets on how many complaints they can receive.


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