Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Public Transport

I'm on the bus to meet my mom and sister Mary in Manhattan. One of the things I hate about winter is that I have to bundle up against the freezing cold, but then the bus is like an Easy-Bake oven. Do you know it's only recently I found out that those things worked by using a high-watt light bulb? (My sisters never had one.) When I was a kid I set fire to my socks once because I tried to warm them on a lightbulb. Or how about when I wanted to try hand-drawn animation in high school, and I used this tracing table we had since we were kids, but the low-watt bulb burned out and I replaced it with a regular one, and it melted the opaque plastic? Or how about when I used my father's super-8 camera at night and it had a halogen light (without a protective glass I may add) and I tried masking it for a shadow effect by duct-taping two wooden rulers in front of it- and within seconds they exploded into flames? In my defense, my father was with me and didn't expect that to happen either. In short, I have a bad history with lightbulbs, which is kind of funny since I'm an electrician and playing with lightbulbs is sometimes the entire job.

Did I mention that the lightbulbs in my room have been burnt out for almost a week now, and I keep forgetting to buy more? I've been using my anti-depression lamp. I don't know if it actually does anything for my mood, but obviously it's no help with memory or procrastination.

Now I'm on the subway, listening to "Wish You Were Here." I'm standing and holding onto a pole. I'm impressed I can hold this in my hand and swype with my thumb.

On the subway home, at least I have a seat this time. Had a wonderful day despite being anointed with pigeon poop. At least it was just on my coat...

I'm listening to Tom Lehrer. The woman next to me is engrossed in a book and I can't help wishing it was one of mine. I'm going to make that a goal, to write a book that people will want to take on subways. I'm a little tired and at Queens Plaza. I'm going to take a little nap. Be right back.

On the bus now after my little nap. Once again I feel like stripping down to my boxers to avoid feeling like a light-bulb-baked cupcake. Are boxers indecent exposure? What if I was wearing denim shorts? Or denim boxers for that matter. Hmmm that would chafe the goods me thinks. I'll resist the urge somehow.

Almost everyone on this bus has some sort of device, all of us with our phones, texts and mp3s, all of us in our own little worlds trying to blot out this one, even though it can be quite beautiful at times. Could that be one of there wishes- to find the world so interesting I don't need distraction?



String said...

Good wish...! And Happy Christmas!

Aravis said...

Perhaps you should let your wife change the light bulbs in your bedroom? *G*

I like your musings about using technology to block out the existing world for one of our imaginations. I do this with books. I wonder how much I miss?

Tony LaRocca said...

@String - Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice, or whatever tickles your personal fancy back atcha!

@Aravis - at the time, we both kept forgetting to buy them, or couldn't find any of the spiffy flourescent curly-q ones that use less electricity and last longer. I gave in and bought some standard incandescents. It's like they taught us on our first day- 2 people make light - God and electricians :D