Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buying Air, Plastic & Cardboard from Nabisco

A brand-new box of "Family Size!" Triscuits: (Yes, the box has obviously been opened, but how would I know what was inside if I hadn't opened it?)

What's inside: 9.25" of box - 4" of air = 57% crackers.

Maybe it's time to buy stocks in cardboard and plastic.



Rubin Pingk said...

You need air to live. That's probably the most nutritious thing in the box!


This is a powerful investigation. While you have not swayed my opinion of the deliciousness of a Triscuit, you have made me hate their packaging. Think of all the gas that was wasted because pallets of triscuits were a few feet of empty box taller. We could have fit more cargo on those trucks!

Tony LaRocca said...

And wine cheese... we need more wine cheese!