Monday, February 21, 2011

Fabricating a Meme?

A few years ago, the word "Zombie" started popping up all over the internet. I have no idea if this was a happenstance trend, or if it was secretly fabricated by the entertainment industry. Along that vein, is it just me, or is the word "Hipster" - probably not seen or heard in fifty years - inexplicably appearing everywhere? If so, can someone please explain? Even better, can someone make it stop?



Craig J. said...

Oftentimes when I see "hipster" it used in tandem with "douchebag." Accordingly, it is not a designation one readily applies to oneself. As insults go, I think of it as the new "hippie."

Aravis said...

It is not just you.

Personally, I though you were responsible for "zombie." No? *G*

Tony LaRocca said...

@Craig - I agree, I'm just wondering how it caught on.

@Aravis - I think if I were to start a meme, it would be something about mei-fun and pork.