Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Illusionist

At Kew Gardens Cinema in Queens waiting for The Illusionist to start. Ok, there's commercials, but the SOUND ISN'T OPPRESSIVE like it is at every other theater, and the ticket was only $7 which is like traveling back in time to the '90s for NYC. The employees are all dressed casually, there are classic film posters in old movie frames, and they look OLD, they weren't bought yesterday from a poster mill and put in new frames.

If anyone has ever seen American Beauty, I was like Kevin Spacey, except instead of being happiest in my teenage years flipping burgers, I was happiest projecting at Bernardsville Cinema in NJ before Clearview bought it and ruined it. Friends would come and hang out, we would bring our guitars and play in the lobby on slow days, my friends Greg, Marietta & Jen worked there, we would make fun of the owners, (MORE CORN!) who, to be honest, were always nice to me- she even let me bring a small tv so I wouldn't miss Dr Who on PBS- I would make comic strips about the other people who worked there... all in all good times.

Ok watching these slides... Fergie & Her Black Eyed Peas won three Grammys? Was one for the shittiest, most embarrassing half-time show of all time?

Ok the movie's starting.



Craig J. said...

Lucky you. That film won't be coming to Bloomington for another month. (I've already bought my ticket.)

Tony LaRocca said...

I know everyone's raved about it, but honestly, I thought it was pretty boring. Pretty, but boring.

Craig J. said...

Pretty will suffice for me.