Saturday, May 07, 2011

Nothing exciting today. I woke up, trimmed my beard, and shaved my cheeks (on my face.) My daughter was fascinated by the process. I told her that the blade held a bunch of tiny knives, and it was just for daddy's to do to their faces, and I had to be very careful. Took a shower. Feel clean. Yay Axe.

Going to see my sainted mother in NJ today. I was up late last night, I couldn't sleep. I chatted with some friends while I worked on an animation, re-played some Half Life 2 on the X-Box (come out with 3 already, for Christ's sake!) watched some Kids in the Hall on Netflix, and crawled into bed. Maybe I'll stop at the Dunkin Doughnuts on the corner for some caffeine, but the employees there move slower than dead people. It's fascinating.

Looking forward to playing pinochle with dad and seeing my little sister for a bit. Maybe we can get her into a few games of three-handed.

I feel like re-reading my entire Vonnegut collection. I wonder if I should do it in alphabetical order or if I should start with Player Piano. I think if some Tralfamadorians looked at my life, they'd just put their hands over their eyes. Or stick me in a cage with Miss Tessmacher. (50 nerd points if you can connect those dots, and no, I'm not talking about the wrestler chick.) Hmm... the first one alphabetically is Armageddon in Retrospect, but I feel like a novel. Think I'll go with Cat's Cradle.

So I'm off, breakfast, get the kids in the car, and begin our journey. Everyone have a happy one.


PS - If you take off the L, you're left with XVIII.

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