Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have over ten gigs of mp3s on my Android. How much can I possibly listen to? I find myself shuffling until I find a song I haven't heard in years (this morning's thrill was The Monkees's "Papa Gene's Blues".)

I've started work on a frame by frame hand-drawn animation. It may take years to finish, but if I do one hour a night, someday it will be done. Oh yeah, there's that short story collection to finish, the final draft of the novel... and um... work.

For the first time in years I'm actually happy on a job. It's during the day at Rock Center instead of the tuchus of some outer borough at night, its not PLA (for the first time in two years,) there's indoor plumbing instead of port-o-potties, but what's most important is that the foreman is a gentleman who treats us right, and that my coworkers are good people. The right work atmosphere makes all the difference. Times have been bad the past few years, and it's made a lot of us bitter and mean. At times this industry has felt like a game of Survivor; let's get this guy booted off the island before us. Then that guy, then that guy...


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