Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I'm on the bus, listening to the great late Frank Zappa's album "Mothermania." There's a song about singing to and being true to our vegetables. Wonderful stuff.

It's raining. They say we tend to remember our emotions based on our current emotional state: if we're happy, we remember the good times, if we're sad, we remember the bad, if we're angry, we remember when the MTA left us stranded at the ass end of Brooklyn at 1am after working all night, and how it made our stomachs churn with bile when the Q-train never came- but I digress. My point is, my mind works the same way with bad weather. When it's rainy it feels like it's always rainy. And not a cool thunder and lightning storm with layered clouds rain, just an overcast, drizzly but still permeating every pore of your skin down to your bones depressing rain, when the sky is just a featureless sheet of gray.



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