Friday, June 08, 2012


I have a running gag where I'll ask my family, "What are you white people having for dinner tonight?" My son chastised me yesterday that that's "racist." I know I am olive skinned, but sheesh. Oh well, that's indoctrination for you.

I've been listening to the radio dramatizations of Douglas Adams's novels Life, the Universe and Everything, and So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. In one instance, they replaced the curse "Belgium" with "fuck" (though everyone knows that the former is the most vile curse in the universe.) However, the only time that the novels actually used the word "fuck" it's replaced by "feel the need to copulate." I don't get it. There are some unexpected cameos, like Christian Slater as Wonko the Sane and Jackie Mason as the East River Lifeform. (Oy!)

My life seems dominated by lines. I wait on line for the bus. When I get to Rock Center, I wait on line for one elevator. Once I'm in the sub-basement, I have to wait on another line to get through security. Then I have to wait on line for the service elevator to the 48th floor. Maybe I should just do coke?

I've been listening to Frank Zappa's "Billy the Mountain" every day on the subway for the past week. For some bizarre reason, It's become a compulsion.

Well folks, TGIF, I'm spending the weekend with some great friends in PA, going to drown my sorrows in some cheese-steak. Take care of yourselves.


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