Monday, June 04, 2012

Philisophical Defenstration.

I've created a new philosophical theory I like to call "Window Superimposition." It goes something like this: The more you look out of windows, the more you subconsciously see your own reflection superimposed on the world. This subconscious absorption tends to color our lives. Men of power in high offices see their superimposed selves lording over the world; people who look out of subway windows see themselves as burrowing creatures: Worms, moles, or if you are science fictionally orientated, Morelocks. Driving makes us impatient and irritable as we see ourselves not only as part a world rushing by, but distorted by the shape of the windshield.

Another problem that has risen in recent years is that - first with television, and then later with computer screens, PDAs, smart-phones and tablets - we see ourselves more and more superimposed in fantasy and fiction, in the e-books we read, soundtracked by our mp3s, or more recently, lost in a universe where exploding birds catapult themselves at pigs.

The result is that sooner or later, introspection becomes impossible and fantasy becomes more important than reality. Our only choices are to go blind or do away with reflective surfaces all together. Such a ban would result in a peaceful, enlightened society. And less hygiene.


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