Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tiny babies on the subway are just too adorable.

I dreamt last night that I was in the market for a new car, but for some reason, I had to buy it through an advocate. The advocate turned out to be a glowing yellowish angelic figure that was so bright, I couldn't even look at him. He kept telling me he picked out the perfect car, and that he knew I would love it, so he bought it without even consulting me. It was huge and angular, like my parents' 70s Caprice that I was still driving in high school. It was under a leather cover that snapped all around: you were meant to have it on while driving. I mentioned that it would make the car much heavier and less aerodynamic, but the angel kept repeating, "But I chose it for you!" I lifted the leather cover and the car underneath was a dark purple with chrome gears sticking out of the side. It was made by a manufacturer I never heard of. I asked if it at least had some kind of luxury interior, and the angel replied "Oh yes, there's an AM radio!"

The Galaxy S3 keeps getting pushed back, for AT&T stores anyway. Just take my money already!

I've downloaded the new extended ending to Mass Effect 3. The general consensus is that it still sucks, though I haven't gotten to it yet. I'm replaying all three with the same renegade character. So far I've murdered two of my friends, committed genocide, sterilized an entire race, and my (character's) girlfriend won't talk to me anymore. But at least I have cool scars and glowing red eyes!

I keep thinking of a line from Star Trek VI, when Spock says to Kim Cattrall "You must have faith... That the universe will unfold as it should." Yeah, I get the Zen intent of it, but I keep wondering... Is the universe unfolding? If so, we're part of it, so we wouldn't recognize it. Are we just part of an origami bird - but then the universe would be folding, not unfolding - unless we're a petal in a flower? And the sun we're unfolding to is...?

(Or maybe it's just a line from a Star Trek film.)


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Caroline said...

What a great dream!

What do you take cars to mean in dreams?

For me I think of them as my physical self (but that could be because of the car in my name!)...